Tuesday Evening Cricket: Melton Vs Queniborough

Tuesday 12th July

Sponsored by L & H Exhausts and Melton Building Society.

Queniborough visited the All England Sports Ground this Tuesday evening (12th July) for this Burrough League match up. An overcast and muggy evening saw the visitors start with the bat in a game reduced to  16 overs to allow for the fading light.

Ben Redwood opened the bowling for Melton along with Paul Stevenson and between them things stayed fairly tight, in fact Redwood only gave 7 runs in his five overs. Queniboroughs opening pair tried to push the score on but were unable to judge the bounce well enough and lost wickets frequently. Queniborough ended on 92.

Melton started with Darren Smith and Gary Potter who were both playing the ball very carefully while the bowling was tight. Gary Potter was the first to go, out to a good ball and stumped. Darren Smith held onto his wicket until the tenth over for a good 22 runs. Out to the wicket then strolled Jim Eccles and Paul Stevenson who’s good form continued as they dug in against some good bowling. On occasion it did seem that the game had run away from Melton with the run rate required bobbling around 8 and going up to 13. The final two overs came and Stevenson had to block out 5 balls in a row which left 11 needed from the final over. A couple of singles to start the last over made the game look like it was tipping the way of the visitors but a well struck 4 by Stevenson half way through the over pulled the odds back and it was anyone’s game. With 3 runs needed from 2 balls Stevenson swung the bat freely towards mid wicket only to find a big leading edge which launched the ball high into the air towards a deep mid off  – the ball lingered in the dark clouds while below the fielder positioned himself for the catch. The batsmen completed the first run while the ball was in the air and were running for the second as the ball reached the fielder . . . .  in a mix of hands, chest and legs he dropped the ball, the batsmen turned  to see if the third run was available – probably not as the fielder had the ball in his hand and was ready to throw it back in . . . so it was down to the last ball then –  or was it?

In the process of pulling back his arm to throw the ball in, the fielder had lost control of the ball which continued its momentum in the wrong direction and rolled the few feet required to reach the boundary line and give the home side 4 runs and in turn the game.

Melton won by 4 wickets.

Some of the Queniborough team asked if there was a video of the fielders effort at the end of the game as they would like £250 from ‘You’ve Been Framed’.